How to Apply

Who can apply?

%  You can apply for the Global Challenge as an individual or in a team of up to three people.

%  At least one member of your team must be a current student at the University of Oxford or at any of our partner institutions, or a recent graduate of one of those institutions (i.e. you have completed your studies within 12 months of the date you register for the Challenge).

%  Students may be at undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral level.


Key Dates

The timeline below applies to students/graduates at any of our partner institutions in the UK, USA, Australia, China, Malaysia or South Africa.

Applicants in Canada will follow a slightly different timeline to the below. If you are a student/graduate at one of our Canadian partner institutions, please click here for the relevant dates:

Key Dates for Canadian Applicants

20 October –
20 December 2016


Registration for the Global Challenge 2017 is now closed.

Your university department will review all proposals and may provide you with feedback on the suitability of your chosen topic so that any adjustments may be made before the final submissions deadline in late February.

27 February 2017

Final submissions deadline

You must submit your final materials for review by your local judging committee no later than 27 February 2017. Please check with your university department for the specific details of how to submit.

See our Submission Guidelines for advice on the structure, content and format of your final submission.

March 2017

Shortlisting and selection by judges

Each institution will have a panel of judges who will review and select their students’ entries to the Global Challenge. Your institution may wish to hold a local pitching event, or select the winner through review of submissions alone.

Once selected, your institution’s winning team or individual will be invited to the Global Challenge Final event in Oxford. Finalists will be notified by 30 March at the latest.

30 April – 1 May 2017

Oxford Global Challenge Final event

The final event will be held at the University of Oxford, UK, where teams from all over the world will pitch for the three top prizes.

Participants will benefit from personalised feedback from a panel of expert judges, who work in impact-focused organisations such as private foundations, impact investment firms and social enterprises. Furthermore, finalists will have the opportunity to build relationships with students from a range of other universities, all of whom are passionate about positive social change.

In addition to the final pitch event, finalists will be invited to attend an Oxford college dinner where they will be addressed by an influential social impact leader.

Next: Read the guidelines on how to structure your submission and what the judges are looking for:

Submission Guidelines