Winners & Finalists of 2017


First Prize

Solid Waste Management in Vancouver Hospitals
by MediMorph, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Research Team
Alec Yu, BSc in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University
Iman Baharmand, BSc in Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University
Kimberley Venn, BBA, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University

Project Summary
MediMorph have investigated current problems, solutions, and gaps within solid waste management in Vancouver hospitals; highlighting the interplay between hospital practices, government/health authority policy, and private companies.


Submission documents
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Second Prize

Pit-latrine Access for Disabled Individuals in Uganda
by Simple Seat, Better Lives, University of San Diego, USA

Research Team
Harrison Schmachtenberger, BS/BA in Mechanical Engineering, University of San Diego
Mei-Li Hey, BS/BA in Mechanical Engineering, University of San Diego

Project Summary
Landmine survivors and handicapped individuals in Uganda are marginalised due to their disabilities and lose independence. One manifestation of this issue is their inability to use a pit-latrine, which is the focus of Simple Seat, Better Lives. The project was inspired by Margaret Orech, a Ugandan landmine survivor and the founder of the Uganda Landmine Survivors Association.


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Third Prize

The Informal Caring Crisis in Australia
by Umps Health, University of Melbourne, Australia

Research Team
Adam Jahnke, Master of Public Health, University of Melbourne
Joseph Salibi, Integration Engineer at Ericsson, Melbourne

Project Summary
After researching Australia’s care crisis, caused by higher life expectancies and a shift towards informal, family-led care, the team from University of Melbourne advocate governmental reform and a greater use of technology.


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Runners up

Crime Prevention and Community Safety in Cape Town
by AllSafe, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Research Team
Rowan Spazzoli, Master of Commerce in Economic Development, University of Cape Town
Louis Buys, Chief Technology Officer at Karri and graduate of the University of Cape Town
Tsakane Ngoepe, Investment Analyst at AHL Venture Partners and graduate of the University of Cape Town

Project Summary
AllSafe have researched the community policing environment in South Africa along with the systematic issues surrounding the coordination, communication and information sharing around crime prevention and personal safety.


Submission documents
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Maternal Health in Impoverished Communities of Rural South Africa
by Saving Mothers, University of Oxford, UK

Research Team
Christopher Mathew, MBA, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Claire Keene, MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine, University of Oxford
Miguel Strobel, MBA, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Project Summary
The legacy of apartheid and an under-resourced healthcare system mean that mothers in rural, impoverished communities of South Africa often suffer from poor maternal health. Saving Mothers’ research shines a light on this issue, through desktop analysis and interviews with affected mothers.


Submission documents
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Food Access in Indigenous Communities in Northern British Columbia
by Braden Etzerza, Mount Royal University, Canada

Research Team
Braden Etzerza, BSc in Environmental Science, Mount Royal University

Project Summary
Braden Etzerza has mapped the ways in which four indigenous communities in Northern British Columbia access both traditional and market foods, and how this has been disrupted over time by modernisation and colonisation.


Submission documents
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